Every student desires the opportunity to study in any educational institution outside their own country. The ultimate exciting moment of student life is to go abroad and study. Student life is a challenging life. If that is the case, going out and studying can make you realize how difficult it can be.

We don’t have to face many problems studying in our own country, because everyone knows their environment. But when it comes to studying outside, we have to enter a completely different world. There are some problems we have to face. We are trying to discuss five problems. Hopefully, this discussion will help you get mentally prepared and find a way to solve these problems.

top five problems
0 Language barrier

Linguistic problems are the first and most we have to deal with. Each country has its unique language, and its regional usage is much higher. English is an international language, and almost all students are currently proficient in English. But in a new environment, you will often find inconsistencies between your slang, accent, and the slang of your classmates and the people around you, and it is unfamiliar to you. Sometimes you may feel like an outsider. However, there is nothing to be upset about. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Many people master it very quickly. The sooner you can master it, the better.

We have to make a habit of talking to people; we have to create humanity to learn from them. Even if you are in an embarrassing situation, you have to find some educational aspects. They will help you.

0 Cultural Shock

Like language, another significant problem is culture shock. Students have to deal with this problem the most, and it is much more challenging to master it. You have to give a lot of time to go to a completely different environment and adapt to your familiar culture, religious customs, food habits, and customs. However, it can not be boring or disliked in this case because we have to respect their culture and traditions. We need to be familiar with their culture for our own needs. You have to understand their culture. We have to enjoy their culture, food, and customs. Only then can this problem be overcomed.

0 Homesickness

It is natural that when we leave our familiar environment, people, and everything we know and shift somewhere else, the memories drive us away. It can be called a human instinct. And when you have to leave your own country and go elsewhere alone to study, it becomes more powerful. While this is normal, it is a significant problem for new students. But we should not resort to depression for this. When we come back, we will have everything, a familiar environment, all dear friends.

In this age of information technology, we can solve this problem at least a little bit. We can overcome our loneliness through social communication. Besides, we will make friends wherever we go to study. Gradually this Homesickness problem will be solved.

0 Styles of living

This is another problem that students deal with well. It is challenging to adapt one’s lifestyle to an unfamiliar environment and culture instead of a familiar environment lifestyle. But it will be solved gradually. It will take some time. Some habits need to be changed; some practices need to be created. We need to maintain a lot of discipline.


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0 Financial matter

More or less, everyone has to go through financial problems. If you go out to study, you have to spend a lot on tuition fees, food, accommodation, travel, etc. Many have a Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS) and receive money every month. But it will not work if it is your only recourse! You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And the process of making money is not precisely what many people do. Many harms their studies. As a result, they go through a lot of problems.

Always try to study abroad with a scholarship. You have to manage a part-time job as soon as possible. It is perfect to have the habit of cooking and eating by yourself. Because the restaurants there are costly. Make it a habit to use public transport. And always try to follow the rules and regulations there because you may have to pay a much higher fine for breaking the law.

In conclusion, never struggle about the struggle. In other words, life is full of ups and downs. So if you’re working, don’t worry; everyone else has or will at some point. — Sean Covey

Although we have to deal with many problems when we go out and study, we should learn from them and never give up.


Studying in overseas countries is a complex process. It involves various activities such as selecting courses, eligibility criteria, tuition fees, enrolment, visa application, etc. Every activity requires genuine and up-to-date information, which is very hard to acquire when you stay in your home country rather than a country of study. Subscribe to us and follow us on  Facebook and Google to get updated information.

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